BeehivesI consider myself to be a relative novice in the world of bees.  I’ve had hives on my property for several years, but have never really done much with them.  I’ve decided that it’s time to take more of an interest in the hives.  Last spring I added several hives so, barring any winter losses, I now have six hives.  This spring I’ll replace what I’ve lost (if anything) and try to add several more, to bring myself up to eight or even ten hives if I can afford it.  What I’ll write about in the blog will be how I learn what I need to know to tend my hives, what I actually do with the hives and, of course, the payoff.

I currently belong to two local beekeeping groups, although I have been something of a slacker about attending meetings.  St. Clair Bees   meets in St. Clair county here in Illinois on the last Friday night of the month during cool weather, or on the last Sunday afternoon of each month during the summer.  S-I All a Buzz   meets every other month on the third Monday in the evening.  Information on both is available on-line, and it’s always best to check because meeting places and times sometimes change.

It’s hard for me to go to meetings after I work all day.  Once I get home, I hate to leave again, especially if I take off my shoes.  Once those shoes come off, I’m done.  But I know that I need to get out there and do the things that I’ve committed to do.  If I’m going to make any money (and do my fair share towards saving the planet) with bees, I need to take it seriously.  If any of you are in the Greater St. Louis area, I  invite you to join me.


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