Money Matters

Money is always a concern these days, isn’t it?  My husband and I both have good full-time jobs.  That said, there’s almost always some kind of financial issue.  It could be something catastrophic, like a medical emergency.  It could be something serious, like a broken furnace or new tires needed. It could be something mildly irritating, such as not having enough money to go out to eat on “date night.” It could even be something good, like saving for a vacation or some other fun thing.  It could be any of these “somethings,” but it’s always something.

In this section, I will be addressing ways to make extra money.  Some of them will be ways to make money doing things here on the farm.  For example, I have a calf to sell, and expect to get at least $700 for her, and I sell milk and eggs, honey and herbs that are produced on the farm.  Some are cottage-industry type things that could be done in any home, such as the homemade soap that I sell at farmers markets, or my feeble attempts to monetize this website.  Some of them won’t be farm-related at all, like selling Premier jewelry or providing a service in the community.

As I come up with ideas, I’ll post about them here.

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