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Market Schedule

Some of you may know already that I make and sell homemade soap.  I sell some other crafts, such as crochet washcloths, handsewn bags and aprons and such.  But the main thing I sell is homemade soap.  I sell big bars, about 3.5-4 ounces for $6 a bar, or 4 bars for $20.  I’m located in the Greater St Louis area, but tend to stay mostly on the Illinois side of the river.  I can also ship soap to you, if you like.  Just contact me at thesoapery@rebeccasfarm.com.

As of this writing, Farmers Markets are over till late April or early May.  During Market Season, I go to 3-4 markets each week, and I will post that schedule this spring.  Right now things have moved indoors.  We’ve almost wrapped up what I call Event Season, which mostly runs October through Christmas, with just a couple of events in January and February.  There’s some overlap between Market Season and Event Season…a lot of the Farmers Markets run through September or October, and Event Season gets going in October.  But Farmers Markets rely heavily on produce vendors, and the produce is mostly gone by the end of September.  The focus at most vendor events is handcrafted items (such as my homemade soap) or direct sales (such as Premier or Tupperware) or some combination of the two.

This Spring I will be hosting my first Vendor Event.  It will be at the American Legion in Prairie du Rocher on Saturday, April 23, 2016.  That’s taking a lot of my time and energy right now, so I haven’t signed up to attend many other events at this time.  Once school lets out at the end of May, I’ll be able to hit my Market schedule pretty regularly…Thursday morning in Swansea, Thursday afternoon in Carlyle, Friday afternoon in Sparta and Saturday morning in Mascoutah.  If you need any information, just email me at rsd@rebeccasfarm.


I’m going to “stick” this post so that it stays at the top of my posts, and will edit the information as my schedule fills up.  I’ll delete events that are past, and add events as needed.

If you have any soap-related questions, email me at thesoapery@rebeccasfarm.com.  If you have any other questions, email me at rsd@rebeccasfarm.com.  I’d love to hear from you.

Events On the Farm


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We frequently hold public events here on the farm…you just never know what we have to offer.  I may be having a sale on homemade soaps and assorted crafts.  I might be teaching a workshop or selling some livestock, setting up a hay ride, holding a yard sale or putting together a Haunted Trail for Halloween.  If you’re going to be in the Greater St. Louis area, check us out and see if we have something going on.